Why should you invest in developing your people managers?

Every company strategy in 2024 should include developing their people managers. Why?  Well, lots of reasons actually. Development can take lots of forms; group masterclasses to set the learning, mentoring to learn from an experienced person and coaching to enable critical thinking, which one is required is usually dependent on a number of factors including […]

People Behaviour: The Newbie

People Behaviour: The Newbie - KCA People

In our People Behaviour series, we start with the Newbie, to understand the dynamics of a new Employee’s Impact on Workplace Relationships

“Confidently Handle Tricky Employee Situations with These Tips”

As many of you know, here at KCA we run a HR advice line to give help to SMEs with their people challenges. Without doubt, the most queries we receive is around handling misconduct or performance issues, closely followed by having received a formal grievance. As a manager, dealing with employee issues can be challenging. […]

High performing teams – how do they happen?

Kirsty Craig Associates

Picture the scene: A newly appointed people Manager, having excelled in the technical aspects of their work, is completely non-plussed as to why they can’t seem to get their team operating at the highest level…they are all technically adept people.  So where is it going wrong?   Have you ever wondered why some teams outperform others? Whether […]

Employment Law Update – October 2022

One of the benefits for being a member of My People Partner is that you receive an in-depth Employment Law Update at the start of every month.  What follows is a summary of the October 2022 report. In September 2022, Acas published new guidance to advise employers on how to consider and handle staff suspensions […]

Recent Bespoke Management Training Programme

Thank you gift from the Senior Management Team who have have recently undertaken a four day bespoke Management Training Programme with Rachel, which has been greatly received! So grateful they handed her this gorgeous bunch of flowers as thank you….”Rachel made the sessions so engaging and interactive – didn’t feel like we were having intense […]

Clarity 7 Syllabus

For more information on the NEW 2024 Clarity 7 Syllabus, please complete the form below to download the syllabus.