April Employment Law changes, are you ready?


April 2024, sees a number of key changes which employers will need to navigate, both in practice and through updating their policies.

Here’s an overview of what important changes are coming in and when:

Monday 1st April

  • Increases to National Minimum Wage rates and the extension of the National Living Wage band to include workers aged 21+
  • Changes to how holiday and holiday pay are calculated for irregular hours workers and part year workers

Saturday 6th April

  • Updates to the way flexible working applies
  • Introduction of carers leave
  • Updated paternity leave rules
  • New protection for pregnant employees during a redundancy exercise, and for parents who return from maternity/adoption/shared parental leave
  • Increased SSP rates
  • Increased redundancy pay
  • Increased unfair dismissal compensation

Sunday 7th April

Increased statutory maternity/adoption/paternity etc rate

If you need any help in understanding the changes or adjusting your policies to comply with this new legislation, get in touch with Rachel today...

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