KCA People Webinar Driving Behavioural Change in People Managers

Webinar Recording: Driving Behavioural Change in People Managers

In our third Webinar of 2024 held on Wednesday 20th March, Kirsty Craig and Rachel Hough discussed how driving behavourial change in people managers can bring benefits to individuals and to the business.

We recognise that People Managers more than ever, have to be equipped to manage. Their role is challenging and the beset way to succeed is to support and develop people leaders to adapt to ambiguity and the ever changing business landscape. This involves more than do as I say, but more do as I do. Getting people to grasp what effective management is cognitively is one thing; enabling them to manage more effectively is another.

In the online sesssion, we looked at:

  • Managing promotions and succession planning
  • The complex role of a People Manager
  • What interventions are proven to support behavioural change

Missed it, watch the recording below or on our YouTube channel, where you can find other KCA People Webinars.

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