We’ve been utilising the services of KCA People, through their ‘My People Partner’ service for our HR needs since July 2021 and their support and advice has been indispensable. Their expertise shines particularly in handling delicate situations with a finesse that’s both professional and compassionate. Rachel provides clear, step-by-step guidance and frameworks that have been crucial in navigating very difficult conversations, ensuring not only that we’re compliant with all relevant laws but also that we’re adopting best practices in our HR processes.

What truly sets KCA People apart is Rachel’s commitment to going the extra mile. Whether it’s a crucial point in negotiations or the need for urgent advice, she has been right there, offering a steadying hand and invaluable support. Her realistic approach and willingness to ‘say it how it is’ have been refreshing, guiding us through complex scenarios with straightforward, honest advice.

Beyond providing problem-solving advice,  KCA People have played a pivotal role in setting up comprehensive policies and procedures, laying a solid foundation for our HR practices. Their guidance in establishing these frameworks has not only streamlined our operations but also fostered a culture of respect and positivity—values that resonate deeply with us.

Having a HR partner that understands our business is crucial and KCA People have proven to be the perfect partner. Their assistance has been a cornerstone of our success, and I cannot recommend them highly enough to any organisation looking for HR services that truly make a difference.

Contact our HR Guru Rachel 01244 73204, rachel@kcapeople.co.uk

For my information on My People Partner https://kcapeople.co.uk/hr-support-services/

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