SME Technology Company

Change and Transformation Programme

Change and Transformation Programme

The challenge: 

An SME technology company was undergoing a period of rapid growth, where the number of employees increased from 30 to 60 over a 12-month period.  This led to two main challenges for the business. Firstly, it became apparent that the company culture needed to be more clearly visible and embedded for all employees. Secondly, the technology company was operating a very flat structure, with a team of highly skilled workers all operating on the same level, but no middle managers.

With headcount doubling in size in such a short timeframe, their priority was to create a highly productive workplace, retain the best talent and create a competitive employer brand. Growth, for any business, marks a big transition. And even though it is seen as positive from the perspective of business owners and indeed their clients, it was also important to keep their trusted employees happy, productive, motivated and engaged by establishing a culture, mission and set of core values that everyone was sold into.


The solution: 

Following a full HR and organisation structure analysis and review with Kirsty Craig Associates, it was clear that the technology company’s organisational structure was no longer adequate to meet their needs and a transition to a different model was much needed.

As a result, they identified people within the organisation to undertake and engage more with the “people aspects”.  These newly appointed individuals would require learning and development, so they had the skills and tools at their disposal to coach and lead their teams to success.  The business also needed to clearly develop and define their company culture and core values and then instil them across the entire organisation and people processes.

“Rachel [from Kirsty Craig Associates] had a real understanding of our business and seemed the obvious partner to work with to help transition our organisation’s structure and craft a culture that best reflected our core values.”


Highly professional workshop facilitation and management training

Kirsty Craig Associates were already working with the technology company; advising on HR issues and ensuring their employee documents and people practices were fully up-to-date and compliant. They were therefore the obvious choice to help reshape and enhance the organisation’s structure and culture. This service was also underpinned by their highly professional workshop facilitation and management skills enhancement programme.


Building and embedding a company culture

In order to create a company culture that all employees bought in to, Kirsty Craig Associates (KCA) delivered a series of workshops with all staff to introduce various concepts and facilitate their ideas of what they thought the company values were, and then gain agreement of the accepted behaviours.  KCA then helped the technology company embed the agreed values into all their people operations, including how they measured the contribution from their employees.


Appointing and developing exceptional people managers

KCA also worked with them to appoint people managers, who then received upskilling in their knowledge of essential employment legislation and to develop their skills in coaching and giving feedback so they were better equipped to grow and develop their teams.

“Communication across our organisation has been transformative as a result of work delivered by Kirsty Craig Associates. Our employees are much more empowered because they each have personal managers, and they have regular meetings with them which helps keep communication open and fluid. We have also established three separate power groups that strategise and facilitate key issues which feed directly into the Senior Management team.”

Head of People

“Rachel has a solid understanding of our business, how we work and the challenges we face. As such, the strategic recommendations she provided were excellent and were exactly what we needed. This was followed by highly effective and detailed workshops and training to help embed and implement the changes across the organisation.”

Head of People

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