Kirsty Craig Associates - when the recruitment fees appear astronomical for SMEs

When the recruitment fees appear astronomical for SME’s

According to a recent report, 57% of SMEs were planning a recruitment drive this year and expanding their team.  

Brilliant! But…what if a pot of money does not exist to fully support that recruitment process and therefore to gain the best outcome possible?

There is no doubt that using a professional recruiter saves you, the employer, valuable time,  gives you access to a honed skillset and experience plus knowledge of the job market to successfully perform search and selection, and the added security of the placement is guaranteed.  But what if, as an employer, you simply do not have the budget for the percentage of salary fee being charged?  18-25% dependent on salary level, can seem quite a lot, even if the recruiter is (as they should be!) performing 19 stages of recruitment and saving you 35 hours of time, on average.

This is where the flexible recruitment packages come into their own, where part of the recruitment process is outsourced and the project or campaign passed back to the employer for completion. Having a recruitment specialist deliver candidate attraction; crafting a meaningful and impactful job advert and advertising it on relevant media, can save hours of head-scratching and wasted fees on the wrong job title, a job site or publication.  A skilled first CV sift can save you the time of pouring over CVs and wondering why the postman has applied for an Operations Manager role.  Take it one step further and add in the telephone screen to ensure no time wasters further down the line and the service becomes very valuable indeed.

On the proviso that the business has time to dedicate to part of the process and interviewing and selection skills are available on-site, businesses report successful outcomes, a reduced recruitment timeline and a strong belief that they have achieved value for money and ROI.

Don’t just take our word for it, here are a few recent testimonials;

“Thank you to you and Kirsty for helping with the whole process, which not only seem a lot less painful than our normal recruitment but brought in very good candidates.” 
CEO, Charity

“The service we received from Kirsty Craig Associates was exceptional from start to finish. Matthew and the team took time to understand our business and needs, and supported us with recommendations and advice where necessary. The whole process was slick, professional and hassle free… we have a great employee as a result!”   
Managing Director, Education Provider

So, when you need to recruit again, give us a call first 

We will save you time and money plus you have a much better chance of finding the RIGHT person for your business! Feel free to contact us to find out more now!

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