People Behaviour: The Newbie

People Behaviour: The Newbie - KCA People

In our People Behaviour series, we start with the Newbie, to understand the dynamics of a new Employee’s Impact on Workplace Relationships

High performing teams – how do they happen?

Kirsty Craig Associates

Picture the scene: A newly appointed people Manager, having excelled in the technical aspects of their work, is completely non-plussed as to why they can’t seem to get their team operating at the highest level…they are all technically adept people.  So where is it going wrong?   Have you ever wondered why some teams outperform others? Whether […]

Why IS effective feedback so rarely given by managers?

Kirsty Craig Associates - Why IS effective feedback so rarely given by managers

Providing candid but helpful feedback is vital to improving performance and getting the most from our people, and helps everyone to know what “good” looks like.   Yet it’s safe to say that the level and quality of feedback managers provide to employees is a common shortcoming. In fact, only 30% of individuals report that they […]

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