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High performing teams – how do they happen?

Picture the scene: A newly appointed people Manager, having excelled in the technical aspects of their work, is completely non-plussed as to why they can’t seem to get their team operating at the highest level…they are all technically adept people.  So where is it going wrong?  

Have you ever wondered why some teams outperform others? Whether it be in sport or in the workplace, the fundamentals remain the same. It’s the people (the team members) who are the single most important factor in determining the team’s success. 

Having the right people, however, is not enough to ensure future success. You have to build and develop your team so that they each play their part, both individually and collectively. 

Oddly enough, as an outsider coming into the team, you can feel the high performance. Why? Perhaps we are subconsciously evaluating trust and respect, or collaboration, but make no mistake, its there.

Want to know more? or what tweaks could make your team high performing? Join Rachel at our Masterclass in Chester, on Thursday 23rd March 2023 at 9.30am.

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