Motivation, Delegation and Engagement


Learn how to motivate, delegate and engage team members for improved productivity

Delegation training is essential to achieve high levels of productivity. How well a manager can motivate, delegate and engage with their team will have a direct impact on a team’s performance, and ultimately a company’s retention levels.

Yet how many managers truly understand how to adopt these actions to unlock the high performance in their teams?


This Delegation Training covers:
  • Assessment of ourselves and our teams against models of motivation and engagement
  • How to avoid where teams typically fall down : delegation, motivation and engagement
  • The link to behavioural profiling and individual uniqueness
  • Practical ways to improve your delegation skills to empower others
  • How to brief a team member on a task in order to get best outcomes


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“If you need training, make sure you get Rachel as this has been such a valuable training session and interesting. It is the best I have been on and not made to feel stupid!”

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