Kirsty Craig Associates - Why your HR strategy needs to adapt in a post pandemic world

Why your HR strategy needs to adapt in a post-pandemic world

One thing that the coronavirus pandemic has taught us is the need for organisational agility.  

As companies begin their return to the physical workplace, it’s a must that your people remain at the heart of your mission and strategy, so they can adapt quickly and are resilient to change.

With so many adjustments to business practice in light of the pandemic, now is a critical time to rethink just how your organisation is going to both holds onto and encourage the great talent already in place,  and develop resilient leaders to keep your people supported in a changing work environment through a new, forward-thinking HR strategy. 

Here are some of the most important things to consider when it comes to rebooting and adapting that strategy:  

Rethink internal comms

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced business leaders to rethink the way they communicate with their people. This includes having to respond quickly to the needs and questions of employees in their return to work phase through maintaining clear and transparent communication.

If remote working becomes the new normal as predicted by experts, we will all have to keep rethinking our internal processes and embrace the right technology to support collaboration and engagement amongst our remote teams.


It is more essential than ever for you to have an accurate picture of the skills, capability and experience of your people so that you can anticipate both short term and future recruiting and training needs. Make sure that those people who are involved in your recruitment process, understand what you’re focusing on right now and why. As always, the importance of hiring to values and culture are as important as experience and skills if you’re looking to build a team that’s committed to your vision and mission.

Reskilling your workforce

Upskilling your employees and instilling a continuous culture of learning across your organisation will be critical if you want to remain agile. This may include ensuring your workforce have the skills to take on additional tasks outside of their current role, but also building technical skills so that they can operate productively in a remote world. 

Reviewing policy of remote workers

Remote working was gaining pace before the coronavirus crisis, but after several months of employees working from home, it has forced organisations to rethink how they measure and evaluate team and individual performance.  

There is also the need for companies to review home working policies in light of those who may need to self-isolate or shield for longer periods. 

Invest in the exiting process

If you are making redundancies as a result of the pandemic, our Outplacement Service is proving invaluable to companies who want to provide support and guidance to their exiting employees. This not only helps to maintain a healthy reputation as an employer, but it also offers practical support for those who are entering a competitive job market and reassures those employees who are staying. 

Our one-day masterclass will help business owners, managers and team leaders understand how to set or adapt their HR strategy and utilise effective people leadership to achieve business growth. Book here to reserve your place >>

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