Webinar Recording : Importance of Company Culture

In our fifth Webinar of 2024 that took place on Wednesday 22nd May 2024 we focused on the Importance of Company Culture.

The 30 minute session was delivered by Claire Merton, HR specialist.

Company culture has a direct correlation between the way employees behave, the decisions that they make and the experience that customers receive. Company culture can sometimes be described by a set of values, although simply having some words on the wall will not be good enough if actions don’t align to words.

Different cultures may be needed at different parts of a business journey, what is needed for a start-up could be very different to what is needed for a business that has been well established and is looking to grow.

Management styles will impact company culture, saying we want people to solve problems and innovate but then highlighting people’s mistakes and insisting all decisions are made by those at the top is a complete contradiction.  This will mean innovation is lacking as colleagues fear getting it wrong.

Some regulators are concerned about company culture knowing that businesses with a positive, open, customer centric culture will make decisions with the customers best interests at the heart of it.

In this webinar we’ll explore, some of these issues, as well as looking at some practical ways to improve company culture and measure the impact of getting right.

Watch the recording below or on our YouTube channel


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