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Supporting SMEs through Redundancy

Many small businesses are facing the prospect of having to let some of their staff go due to the global pandemic, and this can create challenges for SMEs, particularly where the workforce is small and there is no in-house HR expertise to lean on. 

Trying to keep up with the ever-changing situation, navigating the Job Retention Scheme and the newer Job Support Scheme, having those difficult conversations with employees, plus adapting to flexible and remote working can all seem overwhelming for business owners. Their focus should be on steadying their ship through these tough months ahead, not stepping into the role of an HR Manager!

In response to the influx of pleas for help from SMEs who are all facing similar challenges, we have created a specific redundancy support package to help small businesses just like you make the right choices and manage your redundancy consultations in a way that is fair and legally compliant, and most importantly guide you through having those difficult conversations with the employees that you may need to let go. 

Selecting employees for redundancy 

In some cases, redundancy will involve a decision about which employees to let go of. You will need to adopt a fair process using selection criteria, which we can guide you through objectively. 

This involves looking at what employees actually do (rather than just what is in their contract) and asking yourself: what kind of work is disappearing; which employees do that work; and are there other employees who do similar or interchangeable work?

Clear and consistent messaging 

When it comes to having those difficult conversations with employees about redundancy, you’ll need to create a clear and consistent message. Not just for those who are leaving, but to maintain the morale of those staying too.  News travels fast within any organisation so it’s important for your message to have clear business rationale and reasoning.  

Handling those difficult redundancy conversations

It’s never easy letting good employees go, especially when they’ve served you well during their time with your company.  These situations need to be handled with both empathy and honesty.  Some employers find it easier to follow a loosely scripted document so that they don’t let their emotions get the better of them, whilst others may need to run through their conversation with us to help them prepare. 

It can be very emotional, not only for your employee receiving the news but for you too so knowing how to handle this delicate situation with care and sensitivity, is really important.

Future career support

One of the most helpful ways that you can support your exiting employees is through a Career Outplacement Service. This is a programme we run for redundant employees; offering 3 one-hour career coaching, advice and guidance sessions to help them identify available opportunities, prepare for interviews and ensure their CV stands out from the crowd. 

Our Redundancy Support package starts from just £249 + VAT per month and includes: 

  • 90 minutes per month of phone and email support from our experienced HR Consultants
  • Access to our HR cloud-based portal to record and retain information and documentation issued to every employee
  • Access to our redundancy on line toolkit which contains all the templated letters and documentation you need in order to complete the process

Contact us today to see how we can support your business during these challenging times. 

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