So, what’s your experience of recruiting?

Lots of articles out there focus on giving the candidates confidence and calming nerves around interviews, but what about the interviewer – and your experience of recruiting.

During our combined 50 years of recruiting, we could tell you some toe-curling stories of employers whose interviews have gone rogue. Why? Well, the reasons are plentiful; lack of practical experience, lack of knowledge of the do’s and don’t’s, lack of engagement and in some cases just plain nerves which can translate into rudeness and aggression.

Recruiting someone new is often the biggest investment a company will make that year, and getting it wrong can be so costly, not just in terms of the money spent but also in terms of time, team morale and reputation.  We are now in a candidate led employment market, can you afford the damage of a rogue interview to your reputation as an employer?  With sites like Glassdoor, feedback on someone’s interview experience can be shared quicker than ever.

Increase your chances of a good hire first time by training those involved in the process. Take a look at our events page to find out more about our upcoming recruitment course, as well as our Clarity 7 series of management masterclasses.

Call me on 01244 732070 or contact us here to discuss your training requirements and let my toes be free!

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