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Five ways to re-engage your staff after furlough

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) has been a lifeline for thousands of businesses and individuals, allowing employees to get 80% of the salary paid by the government during these extraordinary times. 

Bringing furloughed staff back on board at your business will present its own unique challenges; from motivating your people back into the workplace to helping them adapt to a new way of working.  We’ve put together some guidelines below to help you re-board your people after the furlough.

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Reinforce values and objectives

Furloughed employees may have suffered an understandable loss of drive and vision whilst unable to work. It’s vital therefore to instil a sense of purpose early on when re-boarding your team.

Businesses thrive when their people have a clear vision of where it’s going and their part in that journey. Reinforce the values of your organisation in whatever ways you can and remind employees of the purpose and value of the objectives they’re working towards. 

Maintain motivation with clear KPIs

Tackle demotivation with clear targets, projects and challenges. Communicate clearly with returning employees and set meaningful KPIs, which will foster a sense of accomplishment. 

When communicating KPIs remember to focus on the why as well as the what; how are these projects and tasks contributing to the overall goals and objectives of the business?

Schedule a return-to-work catch up

A lot has happened in the last several weeks. Arrange a return-to-work catch up as a priority. It’s important for you as an employer or manager to understand the nature of your employees’ current situation and what you can do to help them thrive. It’s also important that your people know that they are heard, valued and understood to avoid demotivation and disillusionment.

Equip staff for their own particular situation

It’s possible that staff are returning to a very different work environment, whether working from home or in a socially distanced workspace.  So make sure that they are fully equipped with the knowledge, software and equipment they’ll need to do their job well and remain productive.

Identify potential areas for skills growth

A commitment to ongoing development is one of the key markers for employee motivation. As well as filling crucial skills gaps within your workforce, think about how upskilling your people are going to contribute to their motivation levels and the ongoing health of your business.

Give yourself the best possible start when re-boarding furloughed staff.  Our online seminar will give you the tools to engage and motivate staff and increase your own skills at the same time!

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