“Confidently Handle Tricky Employee Situations with These Tips”

As many of you know, here at KCA we run a HR advice line to give help to SMEs with their people challenges.

Without doubt, the most queries we receive is around handling misconduct or performance issues, closely followed by having received a formal grievance.

As a manager, dealing with employee issues can be challenging. Whether it’s handling grievances, addressing performance issues, or initiating disciplinary action, the process can be tricky and overwhelming. However, with the right tools and techniques, you can confidently handle these situations while maintaining a positive work environment.

Section 1: “Addressing Grievances”

Grievances are common in any workplace. As a manager, it’s important to address them promptly and professionally, hopefully at the informal stage,  to avoid further escalation. Start by actively listening to your employee’s concerns and acknowledging their perspective. Then, work together to find a solution that meets both parties’ needs. Remember to document everything discussed during the meeting and set a time to come back to your employee..

Section 2: “Dealing with Performance Issues”

Performance issues can be challenging for managers to handle. It’s crucial to approach employees about their performance in a constructive manner rather than being critical or negative. Begin by discussing specific areas where improvement is needed and set clear expectations for what success looks like moving forward. Provide regular feedback and support to help your employees reach their goals.

Section 3: “Initiating Disciplinary Action”

Disciplinary action is never easy but sometimes necessary when an employee has violated company policy or underperformed despite previous warnings. Start by reviewing the company’s policies regarding disciplinary procedures thoroughly before taking any action. Ensure that you have all relevant documentation in place before initiating a disciplinary procedure such as verbal warnings or written warnings/steps including timelines for improvement/progression through stages of discipline leading up to termination if required.

If you feel with ever changing employment law, you would benefit from keeping your knowledge and practice sharp in this area, then come and join us in Chester for  our “Essential Legislation for Managers” masterclass on the 25th May 2023, see the link for more details and how to book.

Essential Legislation for People Managers

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