Clarity HR
HR Software for SMEs

Clarity HR is a HR software that helps SMEs manage employee information and processes more efficiently.

Say goodbye to tracking absences, holidays and employee contracts in spreadsheets and filing cabinets and move to a personalised HR solution for your business with Clarity HR.

Benefits of using Clarity HR

Keep all Contracts of Employment, Staff Handbooks and Health & Safety Policies etc. in one easily accessible place.

Stay up-to-date with weekly HR news, plus tips to help employers and managers put the law into action.

Your portal account is a HR system tailored to your business. You pay only for the decks you need and you can add more as your business grows.

Every business needs to understand what is happening with its people. Detail reporting gives you real transparency to understand what’s happening within your organisation.

Managers need to be compliant when managing staff especially in light of ever changing employment laws such as the new Workplace Pensions and auto enrolment regulations. The portal is the ideal HR system because it is cost effective, accessible and easy to use.

Clarity HR becomes an extension of your own office with qualified HR, Legal and Accounts experts available to support you. So whether you need employment contracts or support with Workplace Pensions your portal account has it all.



Key decks are free packages designed to streamline employee paperwork, stay GDPR compliant and communicate with managers and staff across your organisation more efficiently.


My Decks provide more advanced HR features such as attendance management and a reporting system for performance appraisals, grievances and disciplinaries.
Each ‘Deck’ is optional and can be added as your business requires them – and it’s easy to subscribe or unsubscribe as your circumstances change.

Clarity HR is a very simple system for tracking, prioritising and managing the HR process within your business. Set-up your FREE account today and start reaping the benefits, or schedule a demo call to learn more about the features and how it can benefit your business.

Just a quick e-mail to say how impressed I am with the Clarity 7 training course I’m currently on. I’ve completed 4 out of 7 and genuinely look forward to each session. I have attended other management training courses in the past and what I like about the Clarity 7 training course is it doesn’t just deliver theories but also practical application of those theories.

Rachel who runs the course is fantastic as she has such a great depth of knowledge and experience across many different businesses and sectors. Rachel’s passion for what she does and genuine interest in helping managers and businesses succeed is refreshing. The content is delivered in an engaging fashion and arms you with some great tools to take away and use in your business. Each module is great as a taster if you have something specific that you would like to focus on; but I would definitely recommend the entire course as it is a great 360 look at everything that impacts management from looking at yourself as a manager, looking at company strategy and how all of these elements impact and done well will help you build a successful team and company.

Samantha Partridge

North West Heating Supplies Ltd

Clarity 7 Syllabus

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