Kirsty Craig Associates - 5 practical ways to make your company an employer of choice for candidates

5 practical ways to make your company an employer of choice for candidates

The term “employer of choice” may well have become another business buzzword, but it represents a shift in power where candidates are now more in control of where they want to work. 

This doesn’t mean you have to throw a few cool bean bags in your office and appoint a ‘Director of Happiness’!  Attracting and retaining the right talent in a competitive and candidate-driven market is about establishing your company as one which is committed to its employees and their customers; and as a result, you create a consistent company culture and a happy, positive environment in which to work. 

Here are five practical ways that you can implement to help YOUR company be an employer of choice for candidates: 

  1. Train inhouse recruiters

Making the right recruitment decisions are essential to the long-term success of your business. So it’s essential that you invest in the right recruitment training which equips your managers with the right skills to be able to select ‘future leaders’ as well as dedicated & committed staff. 

Whilst many managers probably know how to build rapport with candidates and discern candidate potential, they may be less familiar with complex interviewing techniques like combating biases, using competency-based questions and assessing a candidate’s ‘soft’ skills.  All absolutely essential if you are to get it right first-time.

2. Care for your staff’s wellbeing 

With 1 in every 6 people experiencing mental health problems in the workplace, supporting your employee’s mental wellbeing has never been higher up the Boardroom agenda. 

  • Be open about mental health so that staff feel comfortable talking about it
  • Promote physical health in the workplace by encouraging power walks at lunchtime
  • Ensure that line managers schedule in regular one-to-ones with their employees and give them the opportunity to discuss any issues
  • Make reasonable adjustments for those who suffer from mental health issues with flexible working hours or the ability to work remotely 

3. Make your company’s success their success

When did you last raise a glass with your entire workforce to your company’s great achievements? Recognising success, whether it be amongst individuals or your business as a whole, is very powerful. It brings a sense of fulfilment and encourages engagement. So next time you have something to celebrate, crack open a bottle and celebrate together. These moments are sure to be shared on social media and noticed by potential employees.

4. Provide comprehensive onboarding 

Getting your onboarding process right is essential for making sure that your new recruits are welcomed into your organisation. They need to feel supported and valued during their first few weeks with you so that they can quickly become productive members of your team.

As part of your Welcome Pack, you may want to consider including: 

  • Sharing employee success stories
  • Arranging informal meetings with senior managers within the company about their role and how the new employee might support them
  • Sharing interesting facts about the organisation and its history
  • Sharing photos and videos about what it’s like to work there
  • Arranging for the relevant team to take their new starter to lunch at the end of their first week 

5. Enhance the interview experience 

Involve more people in the decision-making process, make your job descriptions as creative and as informative as possible, use tests to establish the candidate’s core competencies and values, and encourage them to interview you too!  It is a two-way street after all…

If you would like more help and advice on how to make your company an employer of choice, contact Kirsty Craig on 01244 732071

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