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Webinar Recording: How to Retain Talent in Your Business

In our second Webinar of 2024 that took place on Wednesday 28th February we focused on the Retention of Talent in your Business.

The 30 minute session was delivered by Claire Merton, HR specialist.

Over the last few years, businesses have invested heavily in recruitment, after Covid it was a candidate led market with many businesses on the hunt for ‘talent’. Whilst there has been a shift in candidate demand, businesses are still facing challenging times and are considering ways to implement retention strategies to help navigate what lies ahead and how to retain those, (where perhaps the ability to increase salaries is minimal), that have been invested in over the past few years.

Key topics for consideration:

  • Making sure businesses have the right employee value proposition
  • Ability to develop skills with the digitisation
  • Support for cost of living
  • Wellbeing
  • Part of something bigger, societal conscience
  • Development of Leaders and managers – succession planning
  • Opportunities for career progression and/or reskilling

Watch the recording below or on our YouTube channel

In the session, Claire referred to the:

For help and guidance on any of the topics covered, contact hello@kcapeople.co.uk

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