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KCA People is dedicated to helping businesses improve their talent acquisition efforts. 

We offer a range of free tools to support businesses, including a GDPR recruitment audit report, Glassdoor and Indeed audit report, employee engagement survey, and diversity and inclusion survey. 

The tools provide insights into areas such as privacy policies, candidate data handling, responding to subject access requests, and how to present and deal with employee reviews.

Additionally, KCA People offers hands-on consultancy services, including employee value proposition, salary and benefits benchmarking, role and job description writing, direct advertising and sourcing, and recruitment process mapping.

These services aim to help businesses attract and retain the best talent while maintaining compliance with relevant regulations.

Our Solutions

We offer a range of free tools to support businesses, including audit reports for GDPR recruitment, Glassdoor and Indeed, as well as surveys for employment engagement and diversity & inclusion.

We know. Law is boring. And a little scary. But we can make abiding by it a whole lot more manageable for you.

Is your recruitment process GDPR compliant? We’ve put together a survey to find out how your recruitment process matches up to the current data laws. It’s full of handy, easy-to-implement tips on things, like:

  • understanding if your privacy policy is fit for purpose
  • handling and processing candidate data
  • responding to subject access requests
  • and a whole lot more…

Have a comprehensive analysis of your company Glassdoor and Indeed pages on us, and start to get employee review sites working for you.

Knowing how to present yourself and deal with reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed is a useful skill. We know they can be scary, but online review sites can easily form part of your employer brand strategy, which is critical in helping you to attract talent to your organisation.

Request your audit today and we’ll get a real-life human to look at your Glassdoor and Indeed pages with a health-check. We’ll run some checks and tell you how healthy your employer brand is and provide you with a list of things you can do to improve your pages and help you to understand what best practice looks like and how to achieve it.

The anonymised survey tool that asks your employees all the right questions and collates responses into a private results dashboard. So, you can analyse levels of employee engagement at your organisation.

We’ll build and deliver a survey to your employees, so you can discover how they really feel about you as an employer. Why is everyone talking about employee engagement? Research shows that organisations with high levels of employee engagement are more efficient and effective. Highly engaged employees: are more customer-focused, feel more creative at work and take less time off sick.

The more your employees care about the future of your organisation, the more effort they’ll put in to help meet its objectives. So, it’s a no-brainer to do your best to keep them engaged.

How does running a survey help solve engagement issues?

When it comes to employee engagement, the best place to start is by listening. Our survey tool gives your staff the chance to tell you what’s working and what needs improving. You’ll get insights and data on things like:

  • Your employees’ relationship with your organisation
  • How they feel about the operational structure in your organisation
  • Relationships amongst colleagues & managers
  • How they feel about their workload, work type and more.
  • The responses are collated into your own private results dashboard, where you’ll be able to use the information to tackle the root issues preventing your employees from reaching their maximum potential.

This anonymised, custom branded survey tool will help you get useful feedback about how your organisation is doing with diversity and inclusion, helping you to figure out which areas need improvement.

We’ll build and brand you a survey, so you can find out how well your staff thinks you’re doing when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Our experience tells us that diversity and inclusion is a high priority for organisations but many of them are not sure where to start. The starting point will be different for every organisation, that’s why it can be hard to know exactly what you need to do to improve. The key is to start at the heart of your organisation, by finding out what your employees think. Your employees’ feedback on how your organisation is doing with diversity and inclusion will be more valuable than any article you can read online.

Q: How will the survey help with diversity and inclusion?  Our diversity and inclusion survey tool gives your employees the chance to let you know where you’re doing well, and what needs improving, so you can start to plan how you’re going to improve going forward. You’ll get insights on things like:

  • How inclusive your employees think you are as an organisation
  • Their relationships with other colleagues and managers
  • How people of different cultures and backgrounds are treated within your organisation.
  • Whether your employees would feel comfortable dealing with concerns about diversity and inclusion, and how they’d go about it.
  • How well your organisation educates its employees about diversity and inclusion.

Talent Acquisition Partnership

Making all this come together seamlessly is critical to your success.

KCA People focus on working with you on optimising your talent acquisition processes.

As a talent acquisition consultancy we are focus with you on optimising your talent acquisition processes. We work hand in glove with organisations, helping them excel in this aspect of HR. Yes we have recruiting services as part of our group proposition, but we believe that organisations should do better for themselves, and utilise specialist external recruiting partners and providers less than they generally do.

We have partnered with leading talent technology provider Applicant Tracking System (ATS), to give you easy access to a tool that will transform your recruiting process.  Whether you choose to keep your ATS software with us as your dedicated talent partner or with your existing suppliers, we can seamlessly integrate our recruiting expertise whenever you need assistance. Your recruitment journey just got easier and more efficient.

As a cloud-based, pay as you go tool, ATS means you are not tied into any long-term contracts or licence commitments.  It allows you to have total transparency of all your direct and via agency recruitment with integration with your existing HR platform, UK wide advertising coverage, simple application processes, faster shortlisting, interview automation, stakeholder collaboration and much more.

The easy to use features within ATS allow for ease of communication, for example.

Custom career site: Tell your company story and attract quality candidates with a custom-built careers site. Improve your employer brand. Stand out from the crowd with your very own custom career site, highlighting just how awesome your company is to build more hype for your roles.

Job board integrations: Integrations with popular UK job boards increase application volumes with ‘quick apply’ options. Get more people applying. If candidates have to jump through hoops to apply, you’ve already lost them. ATS makes applying to your open roles, easy with job board integrations and ‘quick apply’ options.

Internal jobs page: Add a custom internal jobs page to your intranet with a bespoke, internal application form. Promote your own jobs page. Look the part with a custom jobs page on your company website, allowing candidates to apply directly, without going through another job board.

Automated alerts: Automatically notify relevant past applicants about new roles available at your company. Hook-in past applicants. Just because candidates weren’t right for your previous role, doesn’t mean they aren’t perfect for the next one. Keep past applicants in the loop with automated vacancy updates.

Free job posts: Save money by posting jobs to social media and free job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor. Save your recruitment budget. Want to get the word out about an exciting open role but don’t want to spend £s on expensive job boards? Easily share your job posts to social media platforms and free job boards like Glassdoor and Indeed.

Mobile applications: Easy mobile applications ensure you don’t lose top talent because of tricky navigation. Reduce recruitment friction. Are your job vacancy applications optimised for mobile users? Make it easy for people to apply on-to-go with the platform’s mobile application software.

Talent pooling: Easily tag and talent pool strong applicants for future open roles – handy!

Deliver a first-class candidate experience:

Easy onboarding: Your own onboarding portal quickly sets up new hires, giving them a seamless onboarding experience. The key to retaining your new hires is a smooth, supportive, and easy onboarding experience. ATS speeds up and optimises onboarding, so you spend less time getting new hires set up.

Team collaboration: See your hiring managers’ progress, discuss feedback on applicants and easily manage the recruitment tasks.

Flexible software: The ATS platform has been created to be adapted to your individual recruitment processes.

Late alerts: Get alerted to applicants that aren’t getting processed quick enough, so you don’t lose them. There’s nothing more disheartening than missing out on great talent because you took too long to reply or missed an interview, that’s why the platform alerts you to applicants who need attention.

Video interviews: Booking and managing interviews is easy with the in-built video conferencing tools.

Score candidates: The interview criteria for each job can be specified, and through the platform it will record the individual hiring manager scores.  This allows for best practices to be followed, and its easy to see who the top applicants.

From start to finish, easily manage your recruiting:

Job board posts: It’s easy to select and post post your open roles to the most popular UK job boards from one place, saving time on individually posting.

Auto-reject questions: Save time by ensuring all applicants answer your essential questions before applying. Speed up your hiring with pre-screening. Set up screening questions so you can say ‘thank you, next’, without lifting a finger, to applicants that don’t match your essential criteria.

Automated updates: Automatically email applicants when you update their status and save hours in admin. No more emailing back and forth. Keep your applicants in the loop with automated updates that let them know when you’ve changed their status, so you don’t have to send email after email.

Multi-interview booking: Have multiple candidates interviewing for the same position? Book them in one go with a super simple 3-step process. Want to line up several interviews for the same role? All that emailing and zoom linking can take forever; this platform lets you book multiple candidates at once in just 3-steps!

Self-service interviews: No more endless emailing. Update your calendar and let relevant applicants choose interview slots themselves. Make interviews convenient for candidates (and for you). Match up availability with a super handy self-service interview booking system that lets applicants see when you’re free and choose a time that suits them.

Vacancy approvals: Reduce your time to hire. Spend ages sending vacancy specs across to different teams and hiring managers for approvals? Get open roles approved in no time, shortening your time to hire.

Agency management: See recruitment agency performance and control which ones have access to reduce duplicate submissions. Have multiple recruitment agencies working on different roles? Give them access to the right positions in the platform, so they’re not sending you the same candidates and see their performance reports.

HRIS integrations: Integrations with HR systems allow you to easily convert a hired applicant into a new employee record in your HRIS. You’ve finally chosen your new hire, now it’s time to start onboarding them. Quickly convert new hires to your HRIS employee record using the platforms HR integrations, but if your platform isn’t listed here (Bamboo HR, Breathe HR, CIPHR, ForthHR, IRIS, My HR Toolkit) don’t worry we can discuss a bespoke integration

Review the performance of your recruiting processes:

Performance reports: Analyse and optimise performance. Easily see roadblocks in your hiring processes, measure time to hire, see where applicants are coming from, and use these insights to make improvements at every stage of the hiring journey.

Diversity & Inclusion insights: Reach diversity and inclusion targets. Access diversity and inclusion reporting dashboards to get a clear understanding of your diversity and inclusion recruitment performance.

We have been once again extremely impressed with the professional advice and high level of customer service provided. The team have been approachable, friendly and responsive to our needs. Many thanks.

Lynne Bell

Director, Bell Graphics

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