Kirsty Craig Associates - New legislation for employment contracts - are you prepared?

New legislation for employment contracts – are you prepared?

New legislation came into force as from 6 April 2020, forcing companies to have a written statement of terms for new staff on, or before, starting work.  As such, employers will need to review and update their standard employment contracts to ensure compliance with the requirements.

This will affect employees engaged on or after 6 April 2020. The key changes are: 

  • All employees must be provided with a Section 1 written statement of terms on either their first day of employment or before starting work 
  • Written statements now need to provide additional information, including:
    • The days of the week on which the employee is required to work, whether the days and working hours may be variable, and how any variation will be determined;
    • Any probationary period which starts at the beginning of the engagement, including conditions and duration;
    • Any benefits provided by the employer (including non-contractual benefits); and any part of any training entitlement that the employer requires the employee to complete, including any training that the employer requires but does not pay for.

Employees need to review their existing contracts and make the necessary adjustments to accommodate these changes. 

Now is the ideal time to update to new employment contract templates, so that you have up-to-date terms and conditions ready for when you start to recruit.  

We can update your employment contracts as part of our My People Partner membership programme.  It also offers monthly phone and email advice and guidance on HR and employment issues to support you as an employer and help you get the most out of your people. Find out more >>

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