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How to adjust your recruitment strategies to retain job hoppers

Retaining good staff is vital for ongoing business success.

An average UK worker will switch jobs six times, with Millennials and younger swapping an average of 12 times. But there are things you can do when recruiting in order to retain potential ‘job hoppers’ later down the line.

For some recruiters, seeing lots of job-hopping on an applicant’s CV can raise an eyebrow. But these candidates shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand — at least not without exploring their reasons and motivations. Opening that conversation can be key to discovering whether an applicant will gel with your organisation…and you with them.

Focus on benefits that matter

There can be a temptation for employers to lead with ‘flashier’ benefits. But the ones which will really cement a person’s place in your organisation tend to be more substantial; the highest proportion of UK workers, for example, stated the most important in-work benefit was personal development and learning.

Offering professional development training programs allows employees to perform better, keeps their skills relevant in a rapidly changing world and prepares them for positions of greater responsibility.  In job postings and during interviews, actively promote the fact that you help employees develop and refine their skills to prove you have a strong culture and commitment to professional development training. 

Embrace latest technologies

New digital technologies are reshaping recruitment, and embracing them can be key to recruiting those job hoppers who might otherwise get missed.

Large corporations are engaging with big data and AI in their recruitment — in seeking out and screening candidates, and small businesses can utilise recruitment software to eliminate time-consuming manual data entry tasks in order to track and manage applicants.

While social media networking in recruitment isn’t new, it is being embraced in greater measure in our candidate-driven job market.

Showcase company culture and values

Job adverts, career fairs and throughout the interview process, companies have the opportunity to showcase their culture and values – something that today’s candidates are more attuned to when determining whether the company is the right fit for them. Does your organisation value excellence and achievement? Collaborative working? Ongoing training and learning? Flexibility and fun? Making sure it’s clear during every part of your recruitment process will avoid any potential values-based clashes later on.  Indeed how you manage your recruitment and interview process from the start is a great indication of just how much you value your people…or not!

At Kirsty Craig Associates our team specialises in helping you to find the right talent to allow your business to thrive. We will also advise and guide you on how you can hone your recruitment strategy to attract candidates who are more likely to be with you in the longer term.  

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