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At KCA People, we have a particular interest in business transformation through guiding and empowering business leaders and their teams towards success on every level.

Our mission is to help you identify opportunities, chart a clear path, and take ownership of your achievements.

How do we make it happen? By fostering strong, open and honest relationships with our clients and delivering market-leading solutions tailored to their unique goals. Together, we can unlock your full potential and pave the way for a prosperous future. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together!

Our Solutions

At KCA People we look to empower business leaders and elevate their organisations at every turn. With a focus on strengthening your leadership skills and providing customised solutions, we’re here to help you seize opportunities, overcome challenges, and achieve remarkable success.

Do your competitors view you as a threat? Can all your employees confidently articulate your business strategy? Are they empowered enough to execute it?

KCA People work hard to combine strategic insight, analysis, and industry expertise to help clients develop and deliver winning strategies. We work closely with you on the design, implementation, and management of your business strategy so you can achieve goals bespoke to your business.

We will help you to develop a strategy, assist with business planning, and ensure you achieve your desired exit plan. We follow a tried and tested three-stage method in working with you to ensure success:

  • Facilitated face to face on-site strategy session with all relevant stakeholders cover 18 critical areas of discovery and understanding.
  • Facilitated feedback session for the delivery, discussion, and review of; the 3 and 5 Year Business Strategy for Growth, the 12-month tactical business Critical Path Plan, and the exit/target goal approach report.
  • 6–9-month review

Businesses are notoriously poor at…getting quality business data, utilising the management and business information they have, and acting upon it.

We build bespoke dashboards and scorecards can help you track your business performance, analyse trends, drive efficiencies, improve effectiveness, understand customers better – whatever you need it to do really.

We provide a facilitated one-day workshop to determine the development and measurement of your key metrics and the design of your dashboard and scorecards. Our workshop is focused on the following:

  • Improving results and culture
  • Transforming strategy to reality
  • Successful Implementation
  • Operational Dashboard Management
  • The Importance of a good strategy
  • The tools for the job

You can then choose to work closely or remotely with us, to put in place a programme to help you achieve your goals using these tools.

Other consultancy businesses offer free online business health checks, but you won’t find one here. We cannot truly understand your business from an anonymous tick box. What about your culture? Your workplace environment? Your team dynamic? To make assumptions about you would go against our company ethos, which is all about developing meaningful and long-term relationships and truly making a positive difference.

Our Business Health Check looks forensically at your organisation’s capability and performance. It allows you to get a real understanding of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. We work on Great:

  • Leadership
  • Clarity of Strategy
  • People Approach
  • Value Adding Partners
  • Systems, Processes and Proposition
  • Customer Performance
  • Employee Advocacy and Culture
  • Society and Environment
  • Business Results

The key output will be a detailed report which will score and benchmark each of the nine critical areas, setting you on a path of improvement towards excellence.

Our process will help leaders and aspiring leaders understand how they can make their own game-changing impact. KCA People utilises the GC Index® which has the potential to help you supercharge your career. It provides you with a framework and language to maximise your contribution and understand the contribution of others at work. The GC Index® gives you the insight needed to make your game-changing contribution.

  • Benefits: Discover how you make an impact, learn how to take advantage of strengths, accelerate your career, gain the insight to perform at your best and achieve a happier life

  • Process: The GC Index® personal profile and consultation includes:
    • A confidential link to complete The GC Index® (this takes just 5-10 minutes to complete)
    • Once completed the GCologist will take you through your detailed personal The GC Index® profile outlining how you can make a game-changing impact through…
      • Leadership
      • Engaging and influencing
      • Creativity and innovation
      • Getting things done
      • Thriving not just surviving
      • Collaborative working
    • … and leave you with Top Tips for making the best impact in your current role and future career.

We work hand in glove with supporting leaders and leadership teams develop and become more impactful. KCA People adopt the effective TGROW approach, which we’ve found mutually rewarding with our clients down the years.

  • Topic – Decide on subject(s) for discussion.

  • Goal – Agree on measurable output.

  • Reality – Describe current situation and uncover real issues.

  • Options – draw out and review solutions and select preferred solution.

  • Wrap-up – Discuss implications, commit to action steps, identify, support and check goal achievement.

We have a structured framework, that is a proven approach but not restrictive. In our humble experience having a fluid and organic approach usually works best within a structured framework:

  • 1 x Initial ‘kick-off’ meeting: Face to face morning or afternoon session, to revisit GCIndex assessment, discuss any existing ‘development action plans’ that exist formally or informally, set; expectations, deliverables, outcomes, and measures of success, AoB and agree a fluid development action plan aligned to personal and business requirements.

  • 4 x Quarterly review session: Face to face 2–3-hour meeting, to allow a reflection on the previous period, explore challenges, review success and to look forward and plan for the coming period.

  • 8 x Monthly update sessions: Virtual 60-90 min meeting, to provide ongoing support as a wrap around the quarterly reviews.

  • Unlimited* ad-hoc support: Providing accessible support as and when required, be that phone, text, WhatsApp, dedicated ‘Slack channel’ and email.

  • 1 x Annual review: Fresh GCIndex assessment completed, to act as a catalyst around a morning or afternoon session, to review coaching and mentoring performance against expectations and set out any further support requirements for the coming 12 months.

Harnessing the power of the individuals to maximise the impact a team can make is at the heart of this process. Improving team cohesion, improving collective decision making and establishing how everyone will positively impact to the success of the team is our focus. If someone is making a positive contribution to a team that is valued by others then they can start to feel genuinely included and fully engaged.

The GC Index Team Report is outcomes focussed and gives a basis and focus for team collaboration. The Team Report provides a structure, language and framework for how all members of the team can contribute to team objectives.

Team report includes:

  • An Aggregate The GC Index® Score for the Team.
  • Observations for everyone’s impact on the team
  • Observations of the impact of the Team as a whole
  • Detailed Team Diagnostic as follows:
  • What are the team’s strengths?
  • What is the likely culture of this team?
  • What will be valued, held in regard?
  • What is this team likely to pay least attention to?
  • What tensions are likely to arise in this team?
  • What are the gaps/potential weaknesses in this team?
  • What would you propose for development or new team members?
  • Detailed recommendations for driving team performance across Creativity and Game-Changing, Strategy and Direction, Implementation and Learning & Innovation.

We provide focussed learning sessions for organisations to allow for improved understanding and appreciation of Diversity, Equality, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). Our focus is very much towards helping people and organisations appreciate the value and benefits of improving and evolving their hiring process and talent acquisition methodologies. We bespoke this to each client to ensure that we are engaging at the right level and sharing knowledge to have the biggest positive impact.

Here are 5 of the ‘Consciously Inclusive Talent Acquisition’ modules that we deliver both on site and in person, as well as virtually for our clients:

  • Understanding DEI: We provide a high-level look at the complexity of DEI, provide understanding of the difference in Equality and Equity, The value benefits of DEI and the DEI in the workplace.
  • Dealing with bias and becoming ‘consciously inclusive’: Giving insights and dealing with the elephant in the room of BIAS; clarity, understanding, types, impact, mitigation and engagement.
  • Inclusive talent attraction: How to be better, what to do, where to look, how to engage and retain.
  • Inclusive talent acquisition process: A step by step look at what best practice looks like, a journey through the process that will ensure fairness in recruiting. This module looks at; Engagement and Communication, Removing the CV & anonymisation, qualifying and questioning, scoring and ranking, testing and assessment, structured panel interviewing, candidate feedback, data driven impact.
  • DEI Action planning: The demand for change, reflection on what we do now and where we can improve, the impact of making positive change and the dangers of being left behind.

Working with KCA we have the right support to meet current demands on the business and are set up to achieve our future goals.

Arthur Duffy

Marketing Director, Progressive Solutions

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